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Taking on a new construction project is a bid deal.
Thank goodness you found us.


Most people spend a huge part of their working life within an office environment. We believe in creating a space that is not only functional for your needs, but it will also become a place your staff will love to work, in turn boosting morale. 

We will undertake the full management of the interior design and office fit-out, making things as simple and hassle free as possible. No matter the size of your space, our interior designers will listen to your needs, taking into consideration potential growth and what you want to achieve from your work space. From here, we will then create the perfect environment to suit your exact requirements. Ober Construct ltd will always ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.

Over the years we are proud to have collaborated with an array of partners and continue to grow these relationships. We work hand in hand with architects, designers and commercial agents to achieve all the aesthetic and functional needs that our clients require, working together to bring buildings ideas to life.


Our construction teams have built out spaces all over the globe from the ground up. On time and on budget. And we’ll work with you to ensure the design of your business is sustainable. We minimise environmental impact and adhere to the regulations of each local region. We aim to lower your carbon footprint by moderating the use of materials, energy and development space.

Take a look at our work, you’ll see. It’s in our DNA.


Quality: A core value from the very first day of business, our people take pride in delivering services and workmanship of the highest quality.
Openness: Keeping complex projects on schedule requires a high degree of honesty and openness; something our clients have come to rely upon.
Responsibility: : On every project Ober Construct Ltd  works responsibly and with respect to our clients, their clients, our employees, our broader workforce, site neighbours and the general public. We understand our responsibilities and discharge them with diligence and consideration at all times.
Fairness: At Ober Construct Ltd we endeavour to always treat others in a fair, honest and objective manner, as we would wish to be treated ourselves.
Trust:We are a trusted member of any development team. A trust that has been earned throughout the years by working hard, delivering on our promises and remaining focused on our values.
Fun: Maybe it’s not strictly a value, but we work in a fast paced and stressful industry and it can be a long day if you can’t find the fun in work. We encourage everyone to find time for the lighter side in their daily routine.